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Hi everybody,

CordyKet's group meditation schedule for Jan 2016 is listed. If you are interested in attending, please register your attendance with us and save the dates into your calendar. We'll see you at our meditations.

Nature Meditation
Meditate in a park, surrounded by Nature
Date: Sun 17 Jan 2016
Venue: Taman Rimba Kiara, TTDI (It's on Google Maps)
Time: 10am - 1230pm

There will be at least 2 rounds of meditation together with perhaps card readings or energy healing accordance to the energy of the group.

We will be at one of the platforms surrounding the lake. Just go all the way in following the road until you see the lake. There will be platforms around the lake. We will be there.

Should it drizzle or rain, we'll most likely be at one of the covered pavilions nearer the surau. Any cancellation due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances will be notified via email. So please switch on your smartphone's data plan or contact us on that day if such happens yeah.

Energy Exchange/fees: RM30/person (free for children aged 15 & below)

Those who have meditation mats or yoga mats or bamboo tikar mats, do bring along.

New Moon Meditation
During the New Moons, the Sun and Moon are in conjuction with the Earth, bringing about high grounding forces. Meditation done right will be able to awaken and energise the lower chakras. New Moons are times for Self ReDefinition, clearance of the old and setting new goals.

Date: Sun 10 Jan 2016
Time: 9pm - 10.15pm
Venue: Taman Yarl (near OUG), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (please contact us)
Energy Exchange/Fees: RM20/session (free for children aged 15 & below)

Full Moon Meditation
During Full Moons, the Sun and the Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. The alignment is conducive for illumination of the crown and higher chakras. Meditation done right will be able to clear energetic pathways and bring all the chakras in alignment. Full Moons are times for Awakening, Illumination and Transcendence.

Date: Sun 24 Jan 2016
Time: 9pm - 10.15pm
Venue: Taman Yarl (near OUG), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (please contact us)
Energy Exchange/Fees: RM20/session (free for children aged 15 & below)

Indoor Meditation with Crystals
Crystals enhance and magnify energies. During the indoor meditation, participants shall be surrounded by powerful crystals which will enhance and magnify the healing and cleansing effects of meditation. The presence of such crystals will also significantly enhance the participants' meditative experience. On different occasions, different types of crystals may be used. Those with crystals can bring along their crystals to be cleansed and charged.

Dates: Thurs 14 Jan, Tues 19 Jan, Tues 26 Jan
Time: 9pm-10.15pm
Venue: Taman Yarl (near OUG), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (please contact us)
Energy Exchange/Fees: RM20/session (free for children aged 15 & below)

Sound & Light or Chi Meditation at the Yoga Room, Kepong
Date: 12 Jan 2016
Session 1: 5.30-6.30pm: Sound & Chi Meditation
Session 2: 8.15-9.15pm: Sound & Light Meditation
Venue: The Yoga Room, 3-8C, Jalan Desa 2/2, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong
Energy Exchange/Fees: RM20/session (free for children aged 15 & below), RM30 for both sessions on same day

Feel free to invite your friends and family.

So mark your calendars, inform us which sessions you'll be attending and we'll see you at the group meditations.

Ket & Cordelia

Conducted by Cordelia & Ket

Please see posts below for further information & testimonials.
Do check our Facebook Page www.facebook/cordyket for more information.
Feel free to contact
Kon Ket Sing or email us at for enquiries.


Cordelia Lee
"A turning point in my life started by a spontaneous kundalini awakening that led to an awakening in life especially in self. Prior to spirituality, I was more interested to make ends meet, caught up in the rat race, to make my mark in the city. I was not interested to explore spirituality, not interested in God and of other religions. I chose to believe in myself, of my own capabilities instead of unknown forces, that to me made no sense to my logical mind. Until the spontaneous kundalini awakening brought about a self transformation that led to my current path today. Spiritual awakening led me to further understanding of myself that eventually liberated me from my cocoon of suffering into newer being of expression: peace, forgiveness, purpose, faith, connectivity with people and nature especially love. Together with my partner, we shall guide you to reawaken your true potential and walk towards your Positive Life Destiny. I utilise Vocal Sound Therapy, crystals, prayers, meditation & different tools that shall assist you on this journey. Let there be Love, Purpose, Faith, Joy and Light in your lives. Set yourself free to take flight like a butterfly; from cocoon to wings of renewal, to transformation. For greater possibilities of abundance to come into your life. Your wings await you."

Kon Ket Sing
"I started out like most people. It was during a challenging episode in my work life which I retrospectively self-identified as depression that I decided to change. I analysed clearly what was lacking in my life then and the Abundance that I truly wanted and embarked on what I postponed for a long time - The search for Truth, God, purpose of life, and my place in it. An inexplicable experience with a crystal led me to explore the world of the unseen, crystals and energy. Areas my hitherto science and engineering-trained mind was previously skeptical of. Many fateful meetings and experiences later led to greater awakening and understanding of Abundance, fate, energy, Purpose, Truth and God. My life and self has changed as I continue to empower myself and others on this road of greater emancipation of mind and consciousness. I want to share what I’ve found and learnt. No longer shall I slumber nor be bystander. I shall be a contributor and participant to positive change in the world. I devote my time to helping people through retreats & workshops, crystals, energy healing and sharing of my experiences and understanding. It is my fervent wish that all will coexist in our world in peace, harmony and fulfillment. May The Infinite bless us all. "

Together, we have more than ten years of experience guiding, providing services and consultation in the fields of energy reading & healing, meditation, spirituality, psychic abilities, crystals, Feng Shui & spiritual emergencies (eg disturbances by sinister invisible entities and black magic).

We have helped hundreds of people both locally and abroad.

Long distance energy reading & healing enables us to help our clients from abroad. So rest assured we can be of assistance no matter where you are.

Ket & Cordelia


Testimonial by Merlina Jereline on Abundance Retreat & Workshop

Dear Cordelia and Ket,

I wish to thank both of you for conducting this 6-Day course 'Secrets of Abundance & Law of Attraction' last December.

I've watched 'The Secret' and tried to apply it to my life; in accordance to what I understood about it. Which was, that I needed to visualise what I wanted in Life and it will manifest.

However, after I attended the 6-Day course my awareness due to what both of you shared of your experiences, knowledge and wisdom - I realise there is a much more intricate pattern, to us Humans, that is being withheld due to our ignorance. Hence, the Law of Attraction leading to Success and Abundance has not been fully applied in order for the manifestation to be unleashed within us.

I am very happy to have attended the Course and have applied where possible in my daily life. At times I get a little too confident and lackadaisical. And realise to my amusement and chagrin that there are no short cuts. For the continuity of the flow to happen, one needs discipline to keep it going; just like every other endeavours that one wishes to have in consistency of positive situations.

Both of your personal sharing of life experiences, that has taken you from one point to all your other destinations and ongoing journeys are great inspirations to me. The most important and memorable aspect of both of you are your gentle, humorous and charismatic manner, in which you both complement each other beautifully.

I wholeheartedly recommend this 1-day course to anyone who is sincerely looking to make a change to their lives - not only financially, but from a holistic and organic sense of living.

I am attending this 1-day course, just to have the acquaintance and the company of the both of you. You are both a delight to have as friends and as acquaintances.

God Bless you both for the wonderful work that you are doing.

Merlina Jereline, 3 Feb 2015

Testimonial by Jamie, Australia (on private workshop)

I feel I gained a lot from my experience with Ket and Cordelia. For me this journey is so much more than just energy cultivation, it is a holistic understanding of myself.

When we breakdown old habits and beliefs we open up new potential in ourselves which allows us to connect with our own store of love and truth. For so long I had been reliant on other sources external to me to fill the void I had inside. I couldn’t begin to understand why I felt this way, or how I could rectify this pain.

For most I know its simply a case of dealing with what we have because we don’t know any better. Most of humanity finds a way to distract themselves from the truth of what they feel inside. Our world is full of distractions.

Through the Journey I have learnt processes and countless theories which have taken me right back to where I began with them.
The realisation hit me strong when my mentors (Ket and Cordelia) taught me that ‘I have to actually do the work’. there is no point analysing if you don’t have a reference to the experience.

They showed me back into myself allowing me to be able to reach my true essence, something I wasn’t completely aware of, but something I now know I had always been searching for (or something that had always been searching for me?).

Their guidance has been clear and delivered with pure patience and understanding. In terms of true spiritual cultivation I am yet to meet anybody more impressive in their word and actions.

In the Western world we have a lot of speculators and philosophers, but not many who can back up their claims. Ket and Cordelia truly are doer’s in a world full of pretenders.

In love and Truth
February 2015

Testimonial by Cindy

"My time with Cordelia and Ket helped me further to know I am human, being able to let go of especially emotional baggage, accept myself as I am, knowing I am 'enough'. I am more aware, feel lighter. As I become more and more aware of myself and feelings, and knowing that 'life will continue to get in the way', I make the time to meditate, reflect, 'recharge' myself emotionally, spiritually and work on my overall health. Heartfelt thanks to them." - Cindy

Testimonial by CG Seah, on energy healing Work

"Healing starts, while your hand touch my crown chakra, felt that white light enter brighter and brighter straight went to my abdomen / Dan Tien to heal the unusual blockage energy, I can felt the healing process which not comfortable as goes on and slowly force the energy out through strong yawning, after that alignment of energy goes on to balance all chakra and settle down back to abdomen. Later, I had a feeling of my energy comes back. TQ and appreciated.

In the days after, there are significant improvement on emotional, more calm, heart more peace, feeling of Joy while listen to Joy feeling song, more open heart to accept, take in others perception, energy flow much better as rejuvenate faster and more aware of external feeling. After clear the blockage, my abdomen feels better day after day.

Your Business card gives light feeling and comfortable which feed back from my son. This are today testimonial.

Thank you Ket for all you had done for me and guidance about spiritual learning. "

-Seah, October 2014

Testimonials by Elena Tong, participant of 6 retreats:

1. Pangkor Island 2012 - Fire Up Inner Self
It was my first spiritual retreat with Cordy and Ket. I barely had any expectations other than being tortured with vegetables for days!!! The retreat however was mind opening. We spent a lot of time meditating (the most meditation I've done in my life!), getting to know ourselves and finding our drive within. It was inexpensive, the meditation sessions was done together as a group and the conversations we had was irreplaceable. Cordy and Ket were great hosts and great meditation instructors, each with their own methods and the sessions aren't long but the outcome are extremely relaxing. Meditation on the beach was super fun!

2. Fraser's Hill 2012/13 - Healing, cleansing and evolution to usher in a new you in the new year
The retreat in Fraser's is a very memorable one. We learn a lot about non-attachment and we had discussions about various topics everyday. We shared our experiences, healed one another through the comfort of hugs and giving strength. Many of us opened up to understand life in a different perspective, in a different view and to learn from one another. It was extremely fruitful for I believe I changed a lot through this retreat.

3. Pangkor Island 2013 - Release from ideas that no longer serve your current life. Redefine your self, your path, your purpose.
I was horrifyingly sick in this retreat. Down with bronchitis. The host, Ket was feeding me with propolis and honey which helped tremendously. While, Cordy was healing me energetically. It helped that one of the others knew about energy healing; as I actually fully recovered by the 2nd last day of the retreat. I learn about my ego and my fear in this session. Understood the connection between both and how it obstructs my daily life. Through this retreat, I learn to let go of the knowledge I thought of myself and change my perspective and course in life. Although I was feeling under the weather, I'm surprised I manage to learn deeper about myself through this retreat. I have to thank Cordy and Ket for leading me to understand myself clearer. My life have changed tremendously and I was learning each and everyday since.

4. Bali Island 2013 - Reignite your natural rhythm and spark of life.
I came to this retreat with a lot of worries and stress from work. I remembered how some of them were asking me why am I so pale and what happened to me. I was under a lot of pressure and I was losing my momentum in my job and indirectly, my life. Cordy had to spend some time separately to heal me through love and empathy; I cried realizing how much pain I was instilling into my physical body. This retreat helped me to reflect on stress; how it affects the physical body and mind, how it causes life to be off-balance and how I could counter-balance it to find harmony within my daily life. I was much relaxed after the retreat and I made the biggest decision in my life, to leave my job. I was in so much fear, realizing that I do not have any other job opportunities but I learn to find my passion that would make me keep growing and believing that nothing is impossible. True enough, I was asked to come in part-time in my job, the stress was almost non-existent and I got another part-time job in something I wanted to do and explore. My life have regain it's momentum, I learn so much and I am living a happier life now. This retreat really changed everything I've known and I'm thankful for that.

5. Taiping Retreat 2013 - Facing ourselves and meeting our challenges with Wisdom, Love & Truth
Many things happened in this retreat. The biggest lesson I learn was acceptance, forgiveness and letting go. To live life fully is to stop blaming, start reflecting and begin changing one's mentality. Through the experiences I've gained in this retreat, the lessons I learn becomes a living wisdom for me. It was a beautiful experience and ALL that attended the retreat have made a group that allows us to keep in contact, support one another and enlighten each other on our experiences and lessons. This retreat made a change in terms of communication and connection for we are a step closer to one another than we had ever been. I thank Ket and Cordy for continuously supporting us and guiding us even after the retreat. It helped a lot of us to regain our strength and understand ourselves in deeper levels.

6. "Revitalise yourself with Nature & Pyramid", Lucky Valley, Pahang 2014

Elena Tong

— with Elena C. Tong.

Testimonial by Mdm Tan Soh Khim, participant of 5 retreats

I am Tan Soh Khim. I came to know Cordelia in 2012 from my son. I was depressed and sickly because there were alot of disharmony in my family. At that material time I thought that I was loving my family but it turned out that I was fighting my family. Cordelia highlighted to me not to fight my family and she together with Ket Sing with unwavering patience, encouragements, support and tender loving care guided me to first forgive myself, love and accept myself before I can love my family. I abided and today my family is more accepting of my love and there is also harmony within. I have attended retreats in Fraser's Hill, Pangkor, Taiping and recently the retreat in Bali helped me bloom from within until I am giving love like a fountain. Cordelia inspired me to take photos of nature and I truly wish to spread more love and light to everyone and mother earth.

— with Tan Soh Khim.

Testimonial by Mrs Fellender, UK. Participant of 5 retreats:
1) "Fire up Inner Self", Pangkor Island 2012
2) "Healing, cleansing and evolution to usher in a new you in the new year", Fraser's Hill, 2012/2013
3) "Reignite your natural rhythm and spark of life", Bali 2013
4) "Facing ourselves and meeting our challenges with Wisdom, Love & Truth", Taiping 2013

5) "Revitalise yourself with Nature & Pyramid", Lucky Valley, Pahang 2014

Testimonial on first retreat:

"My first retreat with Cordelia and Ket:

For many years, I was going through the motions of being lethargic, tired out and passionless about Life. Cordelia sensed this and immediately guided me with spiritual exercises to get-in-touch with my inner core self.

I remember the first exercise – Each of us taking turns to sing, in any forms. I got very into it for the next couple of months and was amazed with my vocal cords. Even, my husband, who feels that I am tone deaf said there was a certain beautiful melody that I make; only when I sing this personal ‘spiritual song’. It does not have any meaning attached, or so I thought; I still don’t. However, to my wonderment I surprised myself of how the song evolves of its own within me!

There were long lapses of time that I did not practise, and when I suddenly felt like singing; it has evolved! I ask myself “Why?”. It’s all to do with Energy and our own progress of what is happening in my life. There were times I struggled and tried to get back the tune which I sang before. It was hilarious and the message is; I cannot walk back to the past. Life is about going forward and finding all the other different experiences; whether I think I like it or not.

In this case, singing differently and observing my emotions and realised I was making judgments; which is not really purposeful.

Going back to the singing exercise – Cordelia asked me to imagine Orchids as we sang our song. As I did so, my imagination immediately showed a vision of a beautiful white butterfly that flew over and kissed my nose! It was such a beautiful and unexpected lovely feeling coming over me. Cordelia informed me, that was my lost passion being ignited within me.

After I left back home from retreat; I practised this visualization and singing exercise. The key is to keep at it diligently; should I want to reap the best from my inner core."

Mrs Fellender, United Kingdom

Testimonial by Andy Wong of Singapore

I had the good fortune of meeting Cordelia Lee by chance. Perhaps it was predestined that we should meet in Singapore in February 2012 arranged through a mutual Singaporean friend.

I was in the throes of a deep depression where I was going against the grain over nearly everything in my life. Family, career, business and friendships were totally thrown out of order. I was filled with bitterness and hatred and seized by this sense that the world came down on me like a ton of bricks. I almost wanted to give up living. But miracles do happen when one is most desperate.

I was filled with this sense of calmness when Cordelia "read" me. And bit by bit she cleansed my soul. At some stage of the cleansing process I felt surges of energy running through me and I rocked and swirled like a pendulum.

The simple meditation and energy grounding methods that Cordelia had taught me had helped me in my healing and soul cleansing process. I feel that with each day progressing I am getting
better and am embracing a more positive outlook in my life.

Cordelia & I maintained contact through email and text messages. She made the effort to make sure that I stayed well and out of trouble. This only goes to show that Cordelia is sincere in wanting to help me by following through with me all the way.

I recently went to Kuala Lumpur again for the sole purpose of seeing Cordelia. I had enjoyed the benefits of her work in Singapore and wanted her to do more cleansing work and help me heal myself at a faster rate. Such is the commitment of Cordelia that she spent the morning meditating with me and from afternoon till night she did all she could to cleanse me and heal me.

I was at one of the lowest points of my life when I met Cordelia and I thank Buddha for sending Cordelia my way. I wish I had met Cordelia and cut short of my sufferings.

Andy Wong, Singapore, March 2012.

Testimonial on retreats & Healing Work by Joanne Chan, participant of 5 retreats:

1) "Healing, cleansing and evolution to usher in a new you in the new year", Fraser's Hill 2012/2013
2) "Release from ideas that no longer serve your current life. Redefine your self, your path, your purpose", Pangkor 2013
3) "Reignite your natural rhythm and spark of life", Bali 2013
4) "Facing ourselves and meeting our challenges with Wisdom, Love & Truth", Taiping 2013

5) "Revitalise yourself with Nature & Pyramid", Lucky Valley, Pahang 2014

I was suggested by my friend to seek advise during my very down period in year 2012. I'm very lucky that I listen to my friend and find out someone had put black majic on me. After all the cleasing & healing did by Cordelia & Ket, I'm really getting better.Not only on me but my family also benefited, more peace & harmony.

Ever since then, I decided to join them for my very first retreat in my life in 2012 & of cos subsequent retreat & meditation I joined too. Thanks to Cordelia and Ket for guiding me during the retreat & meditation. It was amazing feeling after the whole retreat & meditation. I get to understand the inner part of me better and start opening up. The retreat had healed my heart & pain towards thing that happen in my life. I learn forgiveness & compassion, most important is love. no doubt is hard but when I manage to did that, I can feel my heart is more in peace & see things in different perspective. I'm glad that being guided by these 2 wonderful teachers who had so much love & patience. They will not force you but to explain & analyse the situation for our own reflection & undestanding. My full suppport to both of them & Thank you for your kind heart to try your best to heal the world & humanity. God shall always with you !

Love & Peace
Joanne Chan

Testimonial by Sunny. Participant of 3 retreats:

1) "Reignite your natural rhythm and spark of life", Bali 2013
2) "Facing ourselves and meeting our challenges with Wisdom, Love & Truth", Taiping 2013

3) "Revitalise yourself with Nature & Pyramid", Lucky Valley, Pahang 2014

Helped me to bring out a more matured and brave self. Realised i can be the person i want to be without worrying what others think of me.
Sunny, Bali retreat 2013 participant

Helped me face my younger self which i avoided for many years. Was able to accepted my mistakes and forgave myself.
Sunny, Taiping retreat 2013 participant

Testimonial on retreats by Betty from Penang, participant of 4 retreats:

1) "Healing, cleansing and evolution to usher in a new you in the new year", Fraser's Hill 2012/2013
2) "Release from ideas that no longer serve your current life. Redefine your self, your path, your purpose", Pangkor 2013
3) "Facing ourselves and meeting our challenges with Wisdom, Love & Truth", Taiping 2013

4) "Revitalise yourself with Nature & Pyramid", Lucky Valley, Pahang 2014


For years, I have always been fascinated/interested in metaphysical, energy studies and anything that is unconventional and out of the norm. In my process of learning, I have also learned about Reiki, EFT, Pranic Healing and tried various healing methods from other healers including past life regression. I was also very interested in Chinese metaphysics including the various methods of divination and also learned about Qi Gong. When it comes to spirituality/religion, I am fairly open minded and willing to learn more on the various major religions.

So far, I have attended the retreats held at Fraser Hill, Pangkor Island and Taiping. During the retreats, I have come face to face with some of my personal problems and came to realized that I have many suppressed issues that I am not aware of or have not been acknowledging.

I have discovered more about myself in every retreat and this has enhanced my spiritual growth. I have come to realize that I have been searching for answers from every where and often from the various methods outside while neglecting answers that were coming from within me.

Cordelia and Ket have been very patient in guiding me to seek answers from within myself and help me to discover for myself methods that work best for me. They have also been kind to answer questions that have been bothering me on spirituality.

My process of self discovery is still continuing but I am glad to say that I am not as ‘lost’ or ‘still searching’ for answers everywhere as I used to do. In time to come, I hope I will be able to reach a certain level of calmness and peace in whatever the circumstances and situation that I face in life.

Betty, Penang.

Testimonial by Ms Gan, participant of "Healing, cleansing and evolution to usher in a new you in the new year", Fraser's Hill Retreat 2012/2013

Hello Ket and Cordelia, here's a short testimonial

"I attended the Fraser's Hill retreat and several nature meditation sessions over the past two years. The meditation methods I have learnt helped me to gain inner peace and strength in my daily life. The people I met along the way have become my good friends and a source of loving support. I would recommend anyone interested in connecting with their spiritual self to attend the retreats, which are always reasonably priced and a memorable experience."
- Pei Ling Gan, 27, postgraduate student

Testimonial by Marcus Cheng, participant of all our local retreats held in Malaysia and regular attendee at our meditation sesions:

My journey in self-healing began in 2011 when fate brought me to Cordelia at a writer's workshop held in KLPAC Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. We did not know each other prior to the workshop. During break time, she noticed that I was wearing a labradorite and broke the ice. That was how we ended up exchanging contact details, which led to my first healing session with her on 1 May 2011. Little did I know that it would be the start of many blessings to come, one of which includes being introduced to Ket, and eventually becoming great friends with both Cordelia and Ket.

The blessings that I have received hitherto came in many forms. Most of the time, the blessings came in the obvious form of unwavering support, love and care from Cordelia, Ket, and the other regular participants in our weekly meditation sessions (henceforth known as my support network). Through them, I have found that unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness are all very possible IF we give ourselves the permission to let go of the past without resentment. However, I have also discovered that it is not easy to give ourselves said permission to liberate ourselves from this pain.

This is where the blessings come in inconspicuous and often frustrating forms. To me, the idea of letting go seems so simple yet the process can be exasperating, and even excruciatingly painful. There were many times on this journey when I tried to apply the guidance on letting go given by Cordelia, Ket, and my support network, and failed miserably. I thought to myself that I am hopeless, that I will always be lost, and that there is no way I'll ever find love, happiness and liberation.

In my darkest moments during the healing process, I wanted to give up.

It was only recently that I realised that love, happiness and liberation are states of BEING, rather than phenomena external to the self. If I continue to seek love, happiness, and liberation through external phenomena, I will always be seeking, hence there will be no end to my pain. To find eternal love, happiness, and liberation, I must BE love, happiness, and liberation. And it all starts with me giving myself the permission to BE, to just BE without conditions, judgments and expectations.

These realisations didn't just happen overnight. Cordelia, Ket, and my support network were with me all the way. They gave me support and guidance even though I have given them so much heartache and frustration. They didn't just talk about unconditional love. They actually showed me what it means through their actions. It was because they were with me that I didn't give up during my darkest moments. It was also because of them that I began to understand the exasperation and the pain that I felt during the healing process.

The exasperation and the pain that I felt was necessary in order that I can understand love, happiness and liberation in its purest sense. The sufferings endured were necessary in order that I can strip away the conditions and expectations that I have attached to the terms "love", "happiness" and "liberation". Thereby I can just BE love, happiness, and liberation. The exasperation, the pain, and the sufferings endured during the process were all blessings in disguise.

I have come to see Cordelia, Ket, and my support network as my extended family. Time and time again they have stood by me and showed me what it means to love myself, to give myself permission to be happy, and most importantly, to be and to accept that I am human.

To those who are participating, or are contemplating to participate in this retreat, I implore you to keep an open mind and an open heart. The retreat is not meant as an escape from your own life (as I have learnt the hard way). It is meant to be a gift that you give to yourself, a gift where you give yourself permission to explore aspects of you that you have either suppressed, repressed or neglected due to your life experiences and circumstances. Give yourself this gift of greater self-awareness, for it is through self-awareness that you empower yourself to make better decisions in yourself.

Love and Peace,
Marcus Cheng
Regular attendee of meditation sessions with Cordelia and Ket
Participant in all retreats except for Bali 2013 and Bali 2014

— with Marcus Cheng.

Testimonial by Mdm Teh, participant of 4 retreats:

1) "Healing, cleansing and evolution to usher in a new you in the new year", Fraser's Hill 2012/2013
2) "Release from ideas that no longer serve your current life. Redefine your self, your path, your purpose", Pangkor 2013
3) "Facing ourselves and meeting our challenges with Wisdom, Love & Truth", Taiping 2013

4) "Revitalise yourself with Nature & Pyramid", Lucky Valley, Pahang 2014

Dear Cordelia and Ket.
I am indeed very thankful to the All Mighty for the opportunities to attend the retreats organised by yourselves.
Indeed, after the retreats, l feel blessed with greater Inner Peace, Strengths, Love and Wisdom which are so essential to cope with the challenges in life.
Keep it up as I believe a lot more people will benefit from such retreats.
My gratitude to both of you.
From a happy and satisfied participant - Teh Giok Shu

Testimonial by Mr Wu Rong Qiang,
"Facing ourselves and meeting our challenges with Wisdom, Love & Truth" retreat, Taiping, end- 2013.

Coming from a Buddhist cum Taoist upbringing family, it was apparent to me that a lot of religious knowledge was not really openly passed down from my elders and parents to me and family members of my similar generation. We were taught to respect and honour the gods, deities, ancestors and elders but not really told of their origins and why such practices were in place. As such, there were many questions unanswered and I and my siblings and cousins were often left wondering. But as young ones although not so young now if you refer to my generation as Gen-X and originating from Southern China post-Malaya Straits Settlement descendants, we obeyed piously without questioning. Therefore, a lot of things bordered on superstition, dogmatic and supernatural matters were all mixed without much clear demarcation and the explanations were never adequate.

As years passed and I progressed into adulthood, completed studies, got married, built my career and raised my family, the hazy questions I had were put in the back burner. Of course, with my fair share of ups and downs and turbulent and volatile life moments in career, family and domestic household, I began to question why my life had to be so full of DRAMA and the people I met were so bent on making life difficult for me. Therefore, I set out to understand my destiny and the destinies of those around me. To this end, I scoured through Astrology, Destiny Analysis (some call it fortune-telling) and metaphysics (Feng Shui is a subset of this to the layman's understanding) with some sifus, teachers and plentiful of literature and publications. I found some answers along the way but still I was not satisfied and contented with the answeres I gathered. I was believer that my destiny was in my hands and not fixed from the time of my birth in the stars. The path I had before me was not all clear but many obstacles still lay ahead. But in the search for life's answers, I met some good friends that whom I could share my thoughts and ideas with. These friendships last to this very day.

Then, through a spot of positive affinity, I met Mr Kon (Ket) and Cordelia. They were helpful and instrumental in solving the problems I had and helped identify explain the root causes behind those problems. After receiving their guidance and benefiting from much needed cleansing works, I discovered things about myself that were the very obstacles to myself and caused me to veer away from my path of least resistance to success and happiness. From there, I began to see the issues that I had clearly and enabled me to do the necessary things to resolve my parental problems and negative work superiors problems. As a result, I have been enlightened and internally awakened and driven towards spirituality. They have been very patient in guiding me to seek answers from within myself and help me to discover for myself methods that work best for me. They have also been kind to answer the burning questions I had on spirituality, God and deities.

Through the retreat, I have learnt a lot on Wisdom, Love & Compassion. Cordelia and Ket organized the retreat well and managed and addressed the participants' needs very aptly and adequately. Much thought and consideration were put in with the main objectives of the retreat in mind. Cordelia and Ket were not the only teachers I came across in the retreat. I also learnt much from the “seasoned” participants. The knowledge sharings that we had enabled me to learn from others' experiences and wisdom, both good, bad and neutral. The Meditation sessions were most fruitful to me. The calmness and the peace which I gained is immeasurable. I learnt to acknowledge my fears and face them with Wisdom, Truth & Love. Not to mention, at the end of the retreat, I was moved to take action and take control of my life and no longer be burdened by my old shell.

Therefore, if anyone needs to uplift themselves or learn to transcend their current situation to make their lives better, I would most definitely recommend that they go for the retreats and the related healing sessions. It doesn't matter if you are a Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Moslem, etc, what you would encounter would not contradict your teachings or religious backgrounds BUT rather strengthen it. Just tell yourself, you must not be DOGMATIC about it. Once you are DOGMATIC, your mind closes up making you no different from a “katak” You would most definitely not regret it!

Love & Peace,
Mr. Wu Rong Qiang
Kinta Dweller.

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